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All our FRP Fibreglass Tanks are built to the highest quality and standards. We’ve list some of the benefits below.

Certified Designs

Each Fibreglass (FRP) design has a Design Verification Statement from a registered practicing composite engineer stating that it is within the bounds of AS2634:1983

Quality Production

Manufacturing the products in a factory environment creates a higher quality product due to:

  • Compliance with a design creasted by a registered practicing composite engineer
  • The manufacturer being ISO 9001 accredited
  • Environmental factors being controlled
  • Components are available when required
  • Working Drawings used in the manfacturing process
  • Workforce is skilled in the manfacturing process
  • Safer work areas

Robust construction

Deisgn by a registered practicing compsite engineer to withstand varying subterranean and hydraulic pressures as well as pressures created by changing surface loadings. This also means the unit is able to take “rough handling” on site.

Ease of modifications during the life of the Station

During the life of any pump station minor modifications are generally required to the internal layout of the station. For example the addition of extra brackets etc. These can easily be added to the station by utilising FRP brackets or mounting plates which are “glassed” onto the internal walls at the required location. It is not necessary to drill through the wall for anchorage. As such the overall structural integrity and water-tightness of the structure is not compromised.

Low maintenance

  • Smooth walls reduce scum buildup
  • Resistant to abrasion from suspended grit
  • Resistant to chemical attack
  • Resistant to termite attack
  • Reduced scheduled maintance requirements

Resistant to attack = Long life

The Vinyl Ester resins used to manufacture the Fibreglass (FRP – Fibre Reinforced Plastic) guarantees resistance to the corrosive chemicals found in sewer and waste water, unlike concrete.Our Fibreglass (FRP) products have a 30 year warranty and a design life expectancy of 100 years.

Ease of transport

  • Light weight units
  • Easily moved with lift points provided
  • Delivery by transport operator experienced in moving Fibreglass (FRP) packages
  • Lower transport and handling costs

Ease of Installation

  • Easy installation
  • Units delivered to site near complete
    Reduced need for skilled tradesmen
  • Supplied with comprehensive installation instructions including ballast calculations to counter hydro-static uplift. The calculations are developed by a qualified engineer
  • Reduced onsite construction time

100% watertight = Protection of the environment

The units’ water tight construction prevents containination of the surrounding water table. This also ensures no ingress of surrounding ground water and thus no unneccsary pumping and water treatment. This assists in ensuring complinace with Enviromental Protection Authoirties (EPA) pollution control requirements.

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