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Combo Stations

A Wet Well with self-contained Valve Pit is used to minimise the risk of rising main damage due to uneven settlement. Installation requires reduced excavation area. Reduces installation time and costs.

Wet Wells

A separate wet well containing the submersible pump/pumps etc. for the wastewater system is used where larger capacity is required. It provides greater flexibility when configuring the waste water management solution.

Valve Pits

Valve pits protect your pipes and valves from damage and corrosion. They can be used to address installation and transportation issues that may arise from if a combo was used.

Storage Tanks

Mullaly’s storage tanks ensure you meet your environmental requirements by increasing capacity and mitigating overflow risks.

Access Chambers

Also known as maintenance hole or manhole. Used to consolidate multiple waste water sources into a single chamber for distribution through a single outlet. In gravity pipelines it can be used to provide a change in direction or grade.

Lift Stations

Lift stations utilise gravitational forces to move waste water over long flat distances using multiple stations. This reduces overall running costs due to a reduction in the overall size of pumps required.

Metering Pits

Metering Pits provide a clean safe environment for protection of the flow meter that is monitoring the waste water discharge.

Macerator Pits

Used to grind up large solid components in waste water to ensure smooth continuous flow through the pumps. Used extensively in airports, prisons and large sewerage systems for example Sydney Water’s metropolitan waste water system.