Problem of Hydrogen Sulphide in Sewers

//Problem of Hydrogen Sulphide in Sewers

Problem of Hydrogen Sulphide in Sewers

The Problem of Hydrogen Sulphide in Sewers 2nd edition Dr.R.D.Pomeroy ED.A.G.Boon (1992)
as published on the Clay Pipe Development Association Limited Website ( The booklet describes the formation and effects of hydrogen sulphide in sewers. The hydrogen sulphide is oxidised by micro-organisms on walls of sewers to sulphuric acid which can cause corrosion of cement-bonded materials.


Dr. Richard D. Pomeroy founded the firm of Pomeroy, Johnston and Bailey of California, U.S.A.,specialists in water and waste technology. Dr. Pomeroy is renowned throughout the world for his work in the field of hydrogen sulphide production and corrosion, and means for dealing with the problem. He has had numerous papers published over a thirty year period, culminating in writing the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s “Process Design Manual for Sulfide Control in Sanitary Sewerage Systems”, published in October,1974. In the United States this document is recognised as the designers’ guide for hydrogen sulphide problems. Both a full copy of the booklet as well as an extract of key pages have been provided on this page.

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