A Mullaly Fibreglass Pump Station is manufactured as a one-piece construction to exact project specifications providing a quick and cost-effective installation on site.

The integral valve chamber minimises excavation periods and disruption to local flora and fauna and requires less space in the overall design, resulting in a smaller environmental footprint. Mullaly Pump stations are engineered for sewage and water containments and are independently verified to withstand internal and external loadings providing a long design life.

FRP Pump Station Uses

Our Mullaly FRP pump stations are designed to hold water and wastewater (sewage) containments and are suitable for a wide range of applications, including;

FRP Pump Station Advantages

  • Corrosion Resistant to the aggressive gases found in enclosed waste water environments
  • A FRP pump station reduces installation time and costs – no need for sealing or coating of surfaces or fittings. Learn more about the benefits of a fibreglass pump station here.
  • Improves serviceability by lowering confined spaces entry requirements to valve pit
  • Provides a long-term design life – 100 years
  • Smooth, high abrasion resistant surfaces create a very low maintenance structure over its life
  • Is WSAA approved
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Additional Features:

Our FRP Pump Stations can be customised to include a range of additional features depending on your project’s needs.

Wet Wells

A separate wet well containing the submersible pump/pumps for the wastewater system is used where a larger diameter is required. It provides greater flexibility when configuring the waste water management solution.

Valve Pits

Valve pits can protect your pipes and valves from normal damage and corrosion that can occur if they are buried directly into the ground and vandalism for above ground pipework. Valve Pits can be installed in conjunction with a stand-alone wet well (pump well) where transport restrictions prohibit transportation of a combo pump station to site.


  • Cast iron or bronze valves
  • Scour lines, if required
  • Bypass lines, if required
  • Dismantling joints for valve removal


Macerators are regularly used in sewage treatment to break down solids into smaller pieces. Contents are broken down using grinding or blending mechanisms before being pumped to their required location.

Manholes (access chamber)

Manholes are used to consolidate multiple wastewater sources into a single chamber for distribution through a single outlet. In gravity pipelines it can be used to provide a change in direction or grade. Mullaly FRP manhole can provide a cost-effective solution in specific project circumstances such as:

  • Replacement of manholes in highly built up areas means a quick installation is critical
  • Restricted ability to excavate ground where a Mullaly FRP and can just drop into a tight hole
  • Deep manholes where it gets difficult to construct in-situ concrete or drop in multiple pre-cast segments

Other benefits of a Mullaly FRP manhole include:

  • Resists penetration by vegetation – lowering long term maintenance requirements
  • Smooth internal channels prevent solids build up within the chamber
  • Lengths to suit site conditions – lengths up to 14M possible
  • Suitable for connection to an offline storage facility
  • Watertight connections for inlets & outlets

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