Location: Townsville, QLD

Client: QLD State Government

Builder: Watpac

Year of completion: 2020


The stadium constructed started in 2018 with the aim to deliver a new best-practice, multi-purpose, regional stadium in Townsville by the start of the 2020 National Rugby League (NRL) Premiership Season.

Project Challenges

This was a very busy site so the need for an efficient and quick installation of the sewage works and pump station was critical to keep the timelines of the project on track.


Mullaly supplied 3m x 6.2m Deep Wet Well / Valve Pit Combo.

In addition, a 110Kpa Mullaly FRP Emergency storage tanks was supplied.

The Mullaly pump station was supplied to site completely fitted out which greatly assisted with the speed of connections of pipes and electrical work.

Mullaly are proud to have played a small part in ensuring the stadium was built on time and was ready to go for the start of the NRL 2020 season.

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