Location: Townsville

Contractor: NQ Excavations

Client: Townsville Council

Date: 2014

Project Challenges

The Lotus Glen site is next to a creek and presented challenges of both water and rock. Installation time had to be as short as possible. The station was also being placed next to an old concrete station that it was replacing. Ground disturbance needed to be minimal.


An RPEQ Certified 3.75mDIA x 9.03m deep Wet Well and separate 1.8m x 2.2m x 1.75m Valve Pit was supplied to meet the above challenges. Townsville City Council and NQ Excavations knew from past experience that a quality Mullaly Engineering FRP pump station and valve pit were going to meet the challenge to install the pump station in such as short space of time and minimise the ground disturbance on site.

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