Mullaly supplies pump station for the new North Queensland Stadium

The North Queesland stadium construction started in 2018 with the aim to deliver a new best-practice, multi-purpose, regional stadium in Townsville by the start of the 2020 National Rugby League (NRL) Premiership Season.

This was a very busy site so the need for an efficient and quick installation of the sewage works and pump station was critical to keep the timelines of the project on track.

Mullaly supplied 3m x 6.2m Deep Wet Well / Valve Pit Combo. In addition, a 110Kpa Mullaly FRP Emergency storage tanks were also supplied. The Mullaly pump station was supplied to site completely fitted out which greatly assisted with the speed of connections of pipes and electrical work. Mullaly are proud to have played a small part in ensuring the stadium was built on time and was ready to go for the start of the NRL 2020 season.

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How is a Mullaly pump station performing 20 years on?

Mullaly supplied a FRP pump station in 1999 to the remote Aborginal community of Ramingining in the Northern Territory which is 560 kilometers east of Darwin on the edge of Arafura Swap in Arnhem Land.

Being such a remote community a one-piece construction pump station with a long life was an important criterion for this project. Low maintenance was also a key consideration given its remote location and difficulty in getting labour to site.

A Mullaly FRP pump station was supplied with all internal pipework and fittings in place meaning the contractor just had to drop the pump station into position and the client has the confidence that the main structure of the pump station will have a long design life.

OVER 20 YEARS LATER… As can be seen from the images above from the smooth clean surfaces and the stainless steel grade 315 fixtures the pump station is still in near perfect condition after 20 years which shows the long-term performance of a Mullaly FRP pump station with the same performance specification and quality standards being used to this day.

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Mullally hits 30 and is still going strong…

Mullaly recently reached the 30 year milestone of operation and service in the Australian market. The longevity of the brand and products that are associated with it is testament to the strict adherence to quality of product supplied over the years and the principle of customising every pump station to the specific requirements of the project to ensure it meets the clients long term aims.

To celebrate 30 years Mullaly is launching a new website with a fresh new look and content with a lot more information available on past projects supplied as well as technical information to download. In addition we will soon be launching Mullaly LinkedIn site so keep an eye out for this to keep up to date on the news and activities in the Mullaly business.

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