Mullaly underground water storage tanks.

The Mullaly underground water storage tanks have a unique integral rib design which means these Fibreglass tanks are the strongest, most robust underground tanks available and are rust and corrosion proof as well as maintenance free.

Design Flexibility

  • Single-wall and double-wall models
  • Single tank sizes up to [150,000 liters] for some applications
  • Wide range of underground and select aboveground installations
  • Accessories to fit wide range of applications

Easy To Ship Install & Maintain

  • Lightweight – easy and cost-effective to ship
  • Australian made in two locations in NSW and WA
  • Large-capacity tank can ship on one truck bed
  • Easy to install in remote locations
  • Easy to install in tight footprints

Material Advantages

  • Corrosion-resistant to surrounding soil
  • Corrosion-resistant to stored liquids
  • Premium resin – no fillers
  • No protective lining or coating needed
  • Designed to be 100% watertight
  • No ongoing maintenance or inspections required

Structural Strength

  • Not limited by water table
  • Integral, high-profile fiberglass ribs increase strength