Aquator® Oil Water Separator Range

Mullaly's Dual Chamber, Oil Water Separator are designed to separate light liquid pollutants from contaminated wastewater. The Dual Chamber AQUATOR Class 1 Commercial Oil Water Separators are available in many sizes and feature two chambers within one tank.

The Aquator range are suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Service stations
  • Refuelling areas
  • Power stations
  • Substations and switchyards
  • Mining and heavy vehicle maintenance
  • Wind Farms
  • Waste transfer depots
  • Asphalt plants

Product Features:

  • Separation Method – Coalescing Media
  • Flow rate – up to 50 L per second (higher flow rates are possible)
  • Spill Capture Capacity – Minimum 1500L – 9000L as standard (higher spill capacities are possible)
  • Industry Standards – All Aquators are manufactured to meet or exceed the requirements of BS EN858-1 2002
  • Custom manufactured tanks can be supplied upon request
Download our Oil Water Separator Technical Data Sheet

How the Aquator works

All collected liquid is treated and no bypassing is possible. In the event of a significant fuel/oil/hydrocarbon spill or filling of the oil containment area over time, the emergency stop valve will automatically activate to prevent the pollutants from discharging to the drain or waterways. The Aquator is gravity operated, therefore, it will continue to operate at full effectiveness even in the event of a power failure.

This enables hydrocarbon & silt capture and storage in the first chamber. Any remaining hydrocarbons are filtered out by the coalescing filter in the second chamber.

The coalescing process in the second chamber allows for the separation of smaller globular light liquid pollutants to reduce the light liquid content in the outlet to less than 5 mg/L (5 PPM).


  • High Strength – all Aquators incorporate integral ribs for maximum strength and undergo stringent testing during manufacture and before they leave the factory
  • Durability – All Aquators are constructed of virgin resin and glass fibre reinforcement providing long term protection and life in underground applications
  • Meets industry standards – Aquators are manufactured to meet or exceed the requirements of BS EN858-1 2002 and are independently tested to ensure they continue to meet this standard
  • Technical Support – Tank Solutions can provide application and installation technical advice and support for your project

Independently Tested

The Aquator Oil Water Separator has gone through extensive third-party independent testing to verify its compliance with BS EN858-1 2002. Reports from the University of Adelaide and University of Newcastle are available on request to show the compliance to this standard.