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Servicing Australia Wide

Mullaly delivers its FRP Pump Stations to some of the most remote locations in Australia including the islands in the Torres Strait.

Engineered Water Solutions

Whether it is a single valve pit or a multi-product solution required, our engineering team develops drawings for each solution delivered.

Customised Client Requirements

Do you have issues with:
• remote locations
• high levels of ground water
• environmental sensitive locations
• strict EPA requirements

Regulator Approval

Mullaly’s FRP solutions have been recognised for their quality by multiple water authorities and councils. We continually work with water authorities and councils to ensure our solutions meet their needs today and into the future. We have long term relationships with experts in water management as well as the use of composite materials.


MULLALY has been providing waste water management services for over 30 years. Our Fibreglass (FRP) units provide the latest technology for quality, lower maintenance costs, longer life and environmental protection.

Our Distribution Partners

Mullaly has distribution partners that can assist you wherever you are in Australia. For overseas inquiries please contact us directly via the Contact Us page.