Location: Sydney Airport, Mascot

Client: Sydney Water Corporation

Date installed: 2010


With the weight of an Airbus A380 parked on top of it, the pump station and storage solution required by Sydney Airport Corporation needed to be able to handle tough conditions. It also needed to minimise the time required for Installation time and construction traffic on the airport needed to also be minimised.


The Mullaly FRP Combo Packaged Pump Station and storage tanks were the perfect solution for this challenge. By incorporating the Wet Well, Macerator and Valve Pit all into one unit the delivery and installation risks where minimised. Delivery required only 3 semi-trailers to visit the site. Once excavation was complete the stations could be lifted into place and the ballast and back fill could be easily done. One 3m x 742D FRP Wet Well/Valve Pit/Macerator Combo Packaged Pump Station and 2 x 85,000 Litre overflow storage tanks were supplied to this project. The durability and low maintenance of the solution reduces the expense and risks faced by Sydney Airport Corporation in their waste management.