Location: Townsville

Date: 2007


Challenging ground conditions were encountered on site being constructed in a sandy material adjacent to a creek. Dewatering and shoring were required.


Mullaly supplied an RPEQ certified 4.0m by 8.5m Fibreglass wet well and a 2.0m X 1.8m by 1.45m deep Fibreglass (FRP) valve pit.

A 4.0m diameter by 8.5m deep Fibreglass (FRP) wet well and 2.0m X 1.8m by 1.45m deep Fibreglass (FRP) valve pit were also supplied for this project. The wet well was fitted with a 1.2m high dividing wall to form two separate pump chambers.

The use of Fibreglass (FRP) components significantly reduced the onsite construction time and the costs associated with providing a safe work area in the excavation.

A Mullay pump station is well suited for a sandy soil environment due to the reduced excavation and reduced need for shoring and use of sand as backfill material.

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