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Two RPEQ certified 3.0m diameter FRP Packaged Pump Station and three 2.0m FRP Packaged Pump Stations.

Mullaly manufactured and delivered five (5) RPEQ certified Fibreglass (FRP) Packaged Pump Stations, required to be installed under the new car parking area at Castletown Shopping Centre in Townsville.
The expansion of Castletown shopping centre in Townsville required an upgrade of its waste water management system. To meet the needs of this upgrade Mullaly manufactured and supplied:

  • 3000mm diameter X 700mm deep combination Fibreglass (FRP) Packaged Pump Well and Valve Chamber fully fitted out ready for the new pumps to be installed
  • 3000mm X 6000mm Fibreglass (FRP) vertical offline waste water storage tank
  • Three(3) 2000mm X 3000mm deep Fibreglass (FRP) Package stormwater pump stationsThese all had to be installed into poor ground conditions in a short time frame to meet the construction program schedule. The installation was performed by North Queensland Excavations Pty Ltd who is a local Townsville company. They worked closely with Mullaly’s Queensland distributor Professional Pump Services Pty Ltd.

Professional Pump Services Pty Ltd also arranged the commissioning the Fibreglass (FRP) package pump stations, the pumps and electrical control equipment.

The specifications for the pump stations (which the products conform to) required they be guaranteed for 50 years with minimal maintenance required. This is to ensure future costs to the owners of Castletown Shopping Centre is reduced and the risk of interruption to the centre’s customers minimised.